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<h1>Learn how to use ixTutor live editor</h1>
This is a quick tutorial. Type in the editor (left) to see your changes rendered live (on the right

Learn how to use ixTutor live editor

This is a quick tutorial. Type in the editor (left) to see your changes rendered live (on the right).

1. You can use any HTML tags, including h1, h2, a, div etc.





aa link to google.comsome more cool stuff

2. Auto-save

All changes are automatically saved in your browser, so even if you refresh this page, your changes will not be lost.

3. You can even create and use CSS style templates

Hey this is my div from

4. Even with your own javascript

Note: Errors, if any, are logged in your browser console.

5. Custom ixTutor elements

These elements can be used when submitting a tutorial for You can send your submissions to .

5.1 ix-note element
Note: This is awesome!!!

5.2 post-heading element
We're learning about how to create custom ixtutor elements!

5.3 question-answer element
Q. Which of these is correct?
Note: We'll soon expand the options format.

5.4 code-run element
import tensorflow as tf

# Declare variables
x = tf.Variable(3, name='x')
y = tf.Variable(4, name='y')
# Function to compute
f = (x * x * y) + y + 2

with tf.Session() as sess:
    result = f.eval()